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Is your team looking for a flexible tool that gives you the ability to route appraisal reviewers easily and effectively?  LightWork Talent Management features custom routing options that allow you to customize the approval process to fit your needs and organizational structure. 

360-degree feedback is an increasingly important part of most robust performance and talent management processes. This method allows for feedback for the employee not just from their direct supervisor or manager, but from others who routinely interact with them. This allows the employee to receive comprehensive insights into their performance and areas for development. 

The methods housed within LIghtWork for appraisal reviews are very customizable!
 Our Review Methods and Types include: 

360 Degree plus Feedback

When looking for a tool that gives you a comprehensive view of your workforce, your first choice is a Talent management software that offers a 360-degree appraisal. This appraisal includes the appraisal's employee, the employee's Primary Manager, and the employee's Direct Reports. 

360 Degree Extended

Similar to the  360-degree appraisal review type, this review method includes the appraisal's employee, the employee's direct reports and primary manager, but also includes all other direct reports of the Employee's primary manager. This combines aspects of the Peer Review method with the 360-degree method to create an extended view that includes insights that can be missed in the traditional performance appraisal process!

Custom Review Groups

Allows users creating appraisal types to utilize custom review groups. These groups are made up of assigned employees; enabling customizable control to fit your organizational structure. These groups, as such, can be cross-functional and cross-departmental.  We can customize the review process to support your team. 

Peer Review

Peer Review method includes the employee's Primary Manager and all other direct reports of that Manager. This method allows you to incorporate valuable feedback regarding the employee's interpersonal and collaborative skills from their team. This method is a good way of beginning to collect insights from different sources instead of relying on manager-only ratings (while for some organizations the Manager review method works great!) 

Employee & Manager Only

The employee and their primary manager are the users included in this method that would be reviewing the employee's appraisal. This review type can be utilized (depending on configuration) to foster more of a performance "discussion" through the use of comments and ratings. 

Manager Only

The only reviewer included in this review method is the employee's primary manager. 

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