Customer Success Story

Bergen's Promise and
LightWork Talent Management

Bergen's Promise

Industry: Health Services
Employee count: 115

Our Results: LightWork has provided them with a structured
talent management solution that allows them to focus on reaching goals within a complex company culture.

One of 15 Care Management Organizations (CMOs) serving the youths of New Jersey, Bergen’s Promise works tirelessly to provide the children of their county with reliable health services. They specialize in assisting children with emotional and behavioral issues and are a liaison to services their families can use. They’ve been in operation for over 15 years and have approximately 1,000 kids in their jurisdiction. That’s a lot of young lives that may come to Bergen’s Promise for help. With such important work to do, they needed a tool to help grow and develop their workforce.


Since their beginning, Bergen’s Promise has done annual performance appraisals manually. They used a simple paper process with little change. “It takes about a month to do reviews,” says Judy Nelson, HR Manager, “a lot of back and forth between employees and supervisors. But with LightWork Talent Management, we’re seeing more collaboration.” Due to the notification system in the software, supervisors are alerted immediately when employees are finished with their portion of the reviews. Together, management and their direct reports can go over appraisals, providing feedback in real time, even if they’re not in the same room.


In addition to the time gained from the previously administratively demanding process, employees have also gained the ability to track goals and employee journals. “It’s hard to remember what you’ve done all year and bring it up during the review process,” says Nelson. “Having goals and journals allows managers to be directly involved through the year; not just a one-time conversation.” The documentation opportunities that LightWork provides supplies the review process with all the needed data and employee accomplishments throughout the year.

The team at Bergen’s Promise reviewed other software when they made the big change to automating their talent management, but LightWork was the perfect fit. “It had everything we wanted: we can add people to it easily, it allows for dual supervisors, it integrates with our HRMS software,” says Nelson, “and the price fit our budget nicely.” Implementation of the software ran smoothly, and now Judy is training the rest of her staff in phases, introducing them to a brand new technology. She’s equally excited about being able to update their review templates in the future. The content and questions are consistent with what they have been using for years, and she wants the job sections to have newer, fresher content. LightWork Talent Management makes this process easy for her.


The ease and efficiency of LightWork Talent Management has allowed Bergen’s Promise to keep the focus on helping the children of their county. They have an important promise to keep to their community, and knowing that LightWork Talent Management is handling the rest gives them peace of mind. Bergen’s Promise knows they can rely on LightWork Talent Management to help their employees and teams flourish. Interested in the PDF?

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