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Berger Foundation and
LightWork Managed Services

H.N. & Frances C. Berger Foundation

Industry: Philanthropy

Our Results: Burger Foundation received a secure and reliable LightWork backup system, carefully protecting their Sage PFW data.

The H.N. & Frances C. Berger Foundation often find themselves in a position to help. Their main objective is philanthropy for children and the elderly, and investing in businesses and people who needed assistance. Their mission statement says it all by expressing their “valiant effort to help people help themselves.” So when they found they were using outdated hardware and software, they suddenly needed to reach out for help in an industry they were unfamiliar with. That’s where LightWork Managed Services came in.

Seeking A Solution
Beginning in 2015, LightWork created a relationship with the Berger Foundation to stabilize the mechanics of their computing processes and put them back on firm ground. They had been using Sage Platinum for Windows (Sage PFW) since 1996, and were on its last incarnation. They were using outside IT resources, and there were security concerns as well. They needed a regular, reliable, and safe Platinum server back-up system as well as protection from outside internet hackers.

How They Found Us
LightWork Managed Services was initially recommended to Berger Foundation due to a particular esteemed word-of-mouth review. Another software representative informed the Foundation that LightWork knew their stuff. “We wanted a dedicated PFW team,” says Ruel Ortiz-Luis, finance manager for Berger Foundation. “And LightWork was an expert.” Ortiz-Luis received top-notch care from LightWork Managed Services: consultants who were knowledgeable about outdated software, a platform to increase his processing speed, and the security net he craved for the Foundation’s sensitive financial information. Above all, the LightWork Managed Services team was also able to provide him with options for a future migration to the latest and greatest Sage has to offer.

Getting Peace of Mind
Oftentimes, staying within the same software family is important to an organization. It can make the transition more seamless to the users who are familiar with the features, and the company is one they know and trust. To Ortiz-Luis, security was his most important aspect of working with
LightWork Managed Services. “We wanted to move to the cloud,” he says, “But we wanted to make sure everything was safe and protected.” LightWork Managed Services was able to provide Ortiz-Luis and the Berger Foundation that peace of mind, knowing their data and processes were secure.

Software Support
Having your technological infrastructure running smoothly with knowledgeable assistance a phone call away is LightWork Managed Services’ goal. Their team is ready to make sure your company, like H.N. & Frances C. Berger Foundation, is safe, efficient, and maintained. Because when you’re working to make the world a better place, the last thing you want to do is worry about your software. For more information on extending the life of your legacy software or increasing network security, contact us at 800-551-6875 x4 or email hello@
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