Nov 14, 2016

How to Deal with Change within Your Company

People like routine. It’s like a security blanket to most people and if that blanket is shaken a lot of people try to hold on tight and resist the change. This can be a problem when a company is trying to grow and its employees are reluctant for change to occur.


How to Deal with Change within Your Company


A lot of people will resist change because they don’t think it is necessary, they feel like they’re losing safety, security, their ability to perform at their previous level and in some cases it might feel as if they no longer have a place in the company. If these feelings take over it can cause employees to become resistant. A lot of times employees will start to perform poorly, try to interfere, refuse to participate, or even quit depending on the kind of change. Change can cause problems but there are some ways that will help get your employees to embrace change within your company.

  1. Leadership! The leaders within your company must support the change or your employees will feel that they do not have to either.

  2. Trust! If you and your employees have mutual trust change will be more readily accepted. Employees need to feel confident that the leader has their best interests in mind. Trust in leadership = Success.

  3. Communication! Leaders within the company can use communication to gain employees’ trust. It’s important that leaders be honest! If you don’t confront the issues head on, rumors will spread and people will make up their own answers to the unanswered questions. Let them know that the losses such as feeling like a beginner to new software are okay because everyone is feeling the same way.

  4. Clarify! Let your employees know why the change is occurring, what the intended outcomes are and how it can benefit them. Your employees need tounderstand in order to accept!

  5. Time! Give your employees time to wrap their minds around the change. Don’t just spring change on your employees. Give everyone a heads up on what’s to come.

  6. Listen! Show your employees that you care about them and that their concerns and opinions matter to you!

  7. Control! Create a suggestion box. Allow all employees to play an active role in the change by giving them a voice. If they feel like they are a part of the process, they are more likely to embrace the change. However, only ask for their opinion if you plan on considering it.

  8. Positivity! Make sure you are giving positive feedback about the progress. Celebrate ALL successes!

  9. Competence! Help your employees gain the skills, knowledge, and abilities they need in order to deal with the upcoming change. If it’s a new software make sure they get the proper training and that everyone feels they have received the training they need to succeed.