Top Time Collection Methods

    There are many ways to track employee time worked. Hourly employees must “punch in” at the beginning of their work period, and “punch out” at the end. However, time tracking needs from hourly employees are not the same as those for employees on salary. Employees who are on salary will need to acknowledge their work period and indicate any time off but would not have need to punch in and out like their hourly coworkers. There are many methods in which an employee can record their time, and some methods work better than others depending on...

    2 Quick Tips for Accurate Employee Time Collection

    Why Is Accurate Punching Important For Businesses?

    Do Your Employees Need Time Off?

    Paid time off is an expected benefit for most employees today, and it is necessary to be able to keep up with the requests as they come in, especially as people begin to plan for vacation season. Having an accurate and efficient way of keeping track of the requests is helpful not only for scheduling purposes, but for your budget as well. For businesses in almost all industries, paid time off is a standard for their full-time employees, and for good reason:

    Attendance Management Software Gives Insight to Turnover

    Small businesses often are notorious for high employee turnover rates. Why is this? There are plenty of reasons, but one of the most common concerns has to do with the limitations of documentation. Hiring quality employees and maintaining a quality staff allows your organization to attract new talent that's top rated and reliable. If you struggle with your hires, firing them or losing them quickly, you will attract the same type of employee. With attendance management software, you can get a better grip on the number of people bringing in, how...