Time Tracking Software

    Employee time tracking systems do exactly what you would expect: they track the number of hours an employee has worked and export those hours for payroll. Employee time and attendance software also takes care of the other important details, such as overtime pay, pay grade, and accruals. This results in correct and efficient paychecks every pay period. This is one way employee management solution streamlines payroll, eliminating human error. This is not the only benefit. This software solution also tracks how employees budget their time and if...

    Employee Data Management at the Heart of Human Resources

    Employee data, tracking, managing, and reporting is at the heart of the human resources (HR) function.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Missing Time Punches

    Accurate employee time and attendance tracking is crucial to any company, especially when it comes to payroll. However, sometimes mistakes happen, and employees forget to clock-in or out of their shifts. Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about missed employee time punches.

    Biometric Timekeeping: The Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Worth the Investment

    What are Biometric TimeClocks?

    Top Time Collection Methods

    There are many ways to track employee time worked. Hourly employees must “punch in” at the beginning of their work period, and “punch out” at the end. However, time tracking needs from hourly employees are not the same as those for employees on salary. Employees who are on salary will need to acknowledge their work period and indicate any time off but would not have need to punch in and out like their hourly coworkers. There are many methods in which an employee can record their time, and some methods work better than others depending on...

    2 Quick Tips for Accurate Employee Time Collection

    Why Is Accurate Punching Important For Businesses?

    Out with “Old’ and in with the “New”

    Why making the switch to biometric is the right decision for your company. The ability to track employees is a necessity for any company, but how you do it makes a difference. The tough part is trying to decide on the best tracking process for your business, since a majority of them leave a lot of space for “human error”. When the inevitable “human error” does occur, your managers will spend valuable time trying to fix it. In the past, this was unavoidable.