Customer Success Story

Carolina Donor Services and
LightWork Talent Management

Carolina Donor Services

Industry: Health Services
Employee count: 140+

Our Results: LightWork has provided them with a structured talent management solution that allows them to focus on reaching goals within a complex company culture.

One of the most generous acts a person can perform is organ donation. Each day, an average of 79 people receive organ transplants. This means yearly, almost 30,000 people are given precious extra years to their lives thanks to the generosity of strangers. One of the organizations responsible for organ procurement in North Carolina is a valued LightWork client, Carolina Donor Services (CDS). Not only do they provide the administrative end of organ donation and procurement, but they’re also heavily involved in their community in other ways. They lead outreach programs built to educate and inform the public about the importance of organ donation. With only three sites, they serve 7 million people in 78 counties of North Carolina and Danville, Virginia.  

“We have three facilities, and LightWork is used in all three,” says Cindy Hanson, HR Director for CDS. “I’m kind of a one-woman show when it comes to the company’s HR department. Because of our limited resources, we needed a
talent management product that was well-organized and user-friendly.”

Carolina Donor Services’ performance process is very thorough to ensure that all employees are operating at their optimal efficiency. “Not just for their performance,” says Hanson, “There are also steps throughout the year for employees to give feedback to their supervisors.” In fact, there are numerous points throughout the year for annual evaluations, self-appraisals,
feedback forms and more. A different step in the process takes place every few months. This constant checkup on the status of their workforce helps CDS have a true understanding of their company culture and continually defines what works for the organization.

Originally, a paper appraisal process was implemented at Carolina Donor Services, but it was unable to provide them with the data they wanted. Their thorough performance process required an exorbitant amount of time dedicated to filing and management. Hanson says, “We needed something green and timesaving. We were looking at three different options, and LightWork gave us the most bang for our buck.”

LightWork was configured to meet the review procedure CDS had envisioned, and the personalized training that CDS received was comprehensive to include their customizations. Hanson spearheaded the project as efficiently as she manages her HR department. Once the workforce was comfortable using LightWork, Hanson could see progress. “We had a dashboard where I could monitor all appraisals at one time, rather than track employees and paper down,” she says. “I had a manager with a 16 employee team who finally had everything in one place. They love the ability to see the status of all their team’s appraisals at the same time.” Regarding the LightWork support team, “They’ve been wonderful,” says Hanson, “Professional, helpful, and very knowledgeable.”

As for CDS and Cindy Hanson, LightWork has provided them with a structured talent management software that allows them to focus on reaching goals within a complex company culture. LightWork allows them to rely on a talent management software that covers all their needs and lets them get back to what’s important to Carolina Donor Services: saving lives.  
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