Customer Success Story

City of Clovis and
LightWork Talent Management

City of Clovis

Industry: Government
Employee count: 425

Our Results: LightWork has streamlined the employee review process, made it easier to monitor the status of evaluations, and has enhanced accountability among employees.

The ranches, farms, and wide-open spaces surrounding the small town of Clovis, New Mexico, (pop. 35,000) are tangible reminders of the Old West. While residents enjoy a slower pace of life, city employees work hard behind the scenes to keep Clovis running smoothly. Clovis has 425 employees, 14 departments, and 16 offices spread throughout the town and outside the city limits. Besides the centralized administrative office, there are parks, police and fire departments, a golf course, and a landfill.

The Review Process
City employees receive two reviews per year. An in-depth evaluation is done in March and an annual performance review is done in October. Depending on the employee’s position or circumstance (promotions, for example), they may be reviewed more frequently. Throughout the year, Human Resources Director Nancye Clements must ensure that supervisors interact with employees to set goals and discuss performance.

Making the Break from Paper
Until 2008, Nancye and her staff used the “paper and pen method” and file cabinets to maintain employee performance records. “We needed an easier way to keep track of records. Our municipality is so spread out, we wanted a secure, yet user-friendly method everyone could use,” she explains. That’s right: each of the city’s 425 employees—from administrators to laborers—would use the new system. Many of these employees work outside an office, moving from one outdoor location to another. Some are seasonal workers. It is a huge amount of information to wrangle, even for an HR veteran and spare-time rodeo rider like Nancye Clements


Seeking Solutions
After speaking with several software vendors, Nancye and IT Director Paul Nelson chose LightWork Talent Management software. Several factors influenced her decision. First, the software tied in with the Sage Abra HRMS system, which Clovis purchased at the same time. It was also user-friendly. “That was key. Fortunately, LightWork has been really easy to learn,” Nancye says. LightWork’s ability to customize templates for her organizational needs was “very important”. Another plus was the ability to scale the use of the features in LightWork as their needs progress. Ultimately, Nancye’s research convinced her that LightWork was the best fit for Clovis and the most cost-effective of the products she had considered.

Launching and Learning
The Clovis human resources team launched LightWork in the summer of 2009. “Each of our 425 employees logs into the system throughout the year. They can check their employees’ attendance data, for example, and soon, we’ll make training history available to them,” Nancye says. For some employees, transitioning from paper to computers required an adjustment. “Overall, everyone is beginning to see the benefits,” Nancye comments. From her perspective, LightWork represents major progress toward efficiency. “It’s more streamlined than what we had before. The reporting features make monitoring much easier—I can see if supervisors are keeping up with evaluations. “

Customer Service Kudos
Initially, Nancye had concerns about working with a software company located so far from New Mexico. After Nancy’s assistant and the IT Director visited LightWork’s Florida headquarters for training, her concerns disappeared. “It was a wonderful experience. My employees really familiarized themselves with LightWork.” Her own interactions with LightWork were equally positive. “Having worked with other software providers, I can’t say enough good things about LightWork. They’re very knowledgeable. Every time we call with questions, they walk us through the procedure. LightWork has been wonderful to work with.” Although Nancye Clements is still exploring LightWork’s complete range of capabilities, she has definite goals for its future. She hopes to further refine and streamline the city’s human resource processes and make full use of the reporting features. Summarizing her experience thus far, she states, “I am really impressed with the LightWork program.” 
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