Customer Success Story

Kiddie Academy and
LightWork Talent Management

Kiddie Academy

Industry: Education
Employee count: 50

Our Results: Kiddie Academy now uses LightWork primarily for annual appraisals, as well as tracking employee documents and events throughout the year.

Kiddie Academy, with its headquarters in Abingdon, Maryland has recently celebrated 32 years in business. Their long-standing organization has stood on a foundation of 4 Pillars of Life Essentials (Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum, Health and Fitness, Technology, & Character Education) to deliver its successful development of child education. “The 4 Pillars really set us apart from other child education facilities,” says Trina Isabegovic, HR Director, “as does our teamwork culture.”

Growing Together
LightWork is new for Kiddie Academy, as is Trina. Together they are growing with the company and enhancing the current Human Resources department. “We did a complete overhaul of our
performance appraisal procedure,” says Isabegovic. It was time for new software and a new procedure for an organization that wanted to refresh some old processes. LightWork was acquired after several interviews with other talent management systems, chosen primarily to ready Kiddie Academy for a new technological age with its many customizable features and web-based platform. Their equipment had evolved and now their talent management procedures would do the same thanks to LightWork’s features such as journals, notes, and tailored appraisals. And Trina is evolving with the company as well. She started at Kiddie Academy as LightWork was implemented. “At the same time I’m learning the ins and outs of LightWork, I’m also learning my employees’ names,” she jokes. “Our implementation consultant was extremely patient and fantastic to work with.”

Easy Startup
LightWork was installed with little difficulty and training of the workforce was effective. The easily customizable software allowed Trina to create a new performance appraisal from scratch, utilizing some aspects from their previous process but catering it to a new procedure. The user-friendly web-based software is a resource that all Kiddie Academy’s employees are now using as they transitioned to the new method. While Kiddie Academy primarily uses LightWork for annual appraisals, they’ve also begun benefitting from the Journals capability, by documenting employee notes and events throughout the year

Looking Forward
They have not had the need to contact the LightWork support team for any issues so far, as Trina is insistent on becoming an expert in the talent management software. “I’m sure they’ll be just as helpful if I need them as they were during implementation,” says Isabegovic, “but I like trying things out on my own.” LightWork allows her that flexibility and ability to be creative, while still having support staff on call for anything she might need. While Trina grows with the Kiddie Academy organization, LightWork will be there to grow with them.
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