Execution of Objectives and Key Results
(OKRs)with LightWork Talent Management

Companies like Intel and Google use OKRs to assist employees in focusing on the company approved a set of priorities that will accelerate achieving success for aggressive objectives. It is important for employees to know:

  • Where is my company going? This is the stated Objective

  • How must I focus and pace my efforts to see if I am assisting the company to get where it’s going? These will become the Key Results.

LightWork Talent Management provides for defining and communicating OKRs throughout a company. These OKRs can be cascaded down commonly used organizational structures all the way to the employee level. Ongoing journaling and tracking by employees and management can be as public or private as you wish based upon your company’s desired level of transparency. Standard and custom reporting on OKRs is available via our wide range of services. If desired, employee participation in OKRs can be attached to ongoing coaching and mentoring documents or any type of employee evaluation. 

What are Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)?

  • To maximize success, objectives should be ambitious and get the company and employee outside their comfort zones.

  • Key results must be objective measures that can be assigned a numeric value.

  • Key results should be graded on a consistent scale (i.e. 1 to 10, 0% to 100%, etc.).

  • OKRs should be communicated widely so everyone can participate and assist in their achievement.

  • Key Results are defined as successful if 60% to 70% are attained.

  • If higher attainments are consistently being achieved, the Objectives should become more ambitious.

  • Lower attainment levels should be viewed as opportunities to uncover areas of improvement

  • OKRs are not Employees Evaluations.

  • OKRs are not public task lists.

How are OKRs Different from other Goal Setting Techniques?

OKRs set very ambitious goals to drive a company to attain far-reaching successes. OKRs are widely communicated and updated regularly to allow teams to focus and participate in bigger company aspirations. OKRs assist in people and teams accomplishing more than they thought possible. It provides a community of focus and support that celebrates learnings from both successes and failures as your organization requires.

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