Customer Success Story

National Wild Turkey Federation and
LightWork Talent Management

National Wild Turkey Federation

Industry: Conservation
Employee count: 250

Our Results: LightWork has streamlined the performance appraisals process. Making the process automated and more convenient for managers and field workers.

Since 1973 the National Wild Turkey Federation has been a bastion in the preservation and conservation of the population of America’s wild turkeys. Their focus has surprisingly been on several animal species (not just the turkeys!) and the quality of their wildlife habitats. And the results of their efforts have seen the population of wild turkeys go from 1.5 million to 7 million. LightWork Software is very pleased to be associated with such a prestigious, conservationist organization and was more than happy to increase the efficiency of their talent management process with LightWork Talent Management.

Making the Break from Paper
Since NWTF had been in existence prior to the internet, some of their procedures were handled in a very conventional manner. There had been no need to update for decades until the right product came along. “Let’s see,” Lisa Bennett, HR Manager described, “we were using pen and paper for performance appraisals since…1973?” Typically it was a one-step procedure: an annual review, and then filed away. They had never had an automated system before LightWork Talent Management. Moving away from a manual system of pen and paper meant greater convenience and more useful tools, particularly for conservation managers and field workers who were often out of the main office. NWTF has changed its process from a once annual performance appraisal to an all-year procedure: monitoring goals and integrating mid-year reviews. “Suddenly employees were able to do mid-year reviews and update goals effortlessly from the road all year long,” says Bennett. This automation was one of the main features that led NWTF to LightWork Management and was highlighted during their training process.

The Solution
“It’s been very effective as hands-on training,” says Bennett. Ms. Bennett took part in our customized Train the Trainer program as part of her LightWork implementation and then disbursed the information she learned throughout her organization. Her staff has picked up on it quickly, especially with the benefit of being able to use the software year-round. Making a huge change to her company’s practices comes easy to Ms. Bennett, a free spirit who enjoys the Denver Broncos and riding motorcycles. But it wouldn’t have been accomplished without a strong product. LightWork Talent Management offered ease of use that she didn’t find in other performance appraisal software, or in her previous paper and pen process. The automation and convenience of LightWork have provided her and the National Wild Turkey Federation with more actionable data and a greener method that any conservationist organization can appreciate.
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