Jan 23, 2020

2 Quick Tips for Accurate Employee Time Collection

Why Is Accurate Punching Important For Businesses?

Accurate time punches are a common concern for most organizations, mostly due to budget and payroll correctness. With accurate time punching, businesses optimize their payroll and can discover discrepancies, which can lead to detecting timeclock fraud – a dreadful budget destroyer. When you can better calculate the cost of each job based on their time usage, it can help you measure actual labor costs. This creates improved scheduling, with more awareness of employees nearing overtime. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, accurate punching helps implement a positive workplace environment by ensuring that employees with a strong work ethic shine through.


  1. Get Employees on Board

Enabling accurate time punching by your staff is a tribulation on its own. Emphasizing that it’s not only crucial to the business but also their paycheck will ensure that they track their time as accurately as possible. With accurate time punches, payroll becomes more manageable due to the decline in errors, be it clerical, calculations, or otherwise. Their overtime could also be affected if they are not punching accurately: if they are not documenting the correct amount of hours they are working, then they may not be getting their rightfully earned overtime pay. By accurately logging their time, they reserve their right to demand their exact salaries, overtime included. This applies to paid time off as well, as it is usually accrued based on attendance. With a more exact record of absences and time, they could be missing time off that they have earned.


  1. Put the Right Time Collection Tools in place

Software has the power to improve a company’s operations by optimizing their payroll processes, their budgets, and calculating actual labor costs. Web-based time & attendance software make it much easier for a business and its employees to implement. Ensure that your software is as adaptable as you are: employ software that accommodates your needs, regardless of your location. Having the ability to track your employees’ time at multiple locations (including remotely) in a variety of ways should be high on your list of demands when looking for a time and attendance solution.


Another way to make time punching more accurate is to be sure that your employees have plenty of opportunities to log their time. Putting timeclocks at each entrance and exit serves as a reminder to clock in and out. Use biometric timeclocks (finger punch, or even facial recognition) to deter any possible buddy-punching. Obviously, for remote employees, a physical timeclock will not be feasible, but the ability to use mobile punch or a desktop punch feature would resolve that issue.


Make employees responsible for their hours by having them approve their timesheets before sending them to payroll. Be transparent with employee scheduling; make the schedules visible so that employees can see when their attendance is required, and alert them of their shifts so that they cannot accidentally skip them due to oversight. A software with scheduling capabilities should also have these functions.


Overall, an adaptable software will be your go-to for ensuring that your employees’ time-recording capabilities are as accurate as possible. The right software for you will be designed with your needs in mind, be it a variety of punching methods, alerts, or scheduling possibilities.