Sep 11, 2017

Green Your Office with Web-based Employee Appraisals

Green Your Office with Web-based Employee Appraisals


Many companies are beginning to value green initiatives more than ever, not only to become more socially responsible but also to conserve expensive resources and increase business efficiencies.


Web-based software is one technology that can contribute to all of these objectives. With a web-based employee appraisal system, there is no need to waste reams of paper with the endless cycle of print, fill in, scan, email, print, sign, scan, submit, print, and store. All of these steps take place in a web-based performance management system with no need for a paper copy of anything from start to finish.


Another benefit of a web-based system is that employees who telecommute can participate in the appraisal process as if they were in the office. This keeps employee development on track with no delays. And for those companies who are environmentally concerned, it can cut down on trips to the office for those who have the option of working from home.


Has your company taken on any green initiatives? What steps have you taken in your company to become more socially responsible and have you seen residual benefits to your business?