Sep 26, 2016

Creativity and Innovation Set Your Company Apart


Creativity and Innovation Set Your Company Apart


At work it’s important to be a hard worker, organized and productive. But what most people don’t think about is how important it is to be innovative. The new ideas that come from innovation are what can take a business from mere existence to great success.


Though it might seem impossible at times, anyone can be creative. It’s just a simple matter of looking at things in a different light. Bring a new perspective to the table with these helpful tips…

  • Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged even if people shoot down your ideas. Instead use their negative attitude and turn it around. Work harder and keep coming up with new ideas.

  • Take chances and voice it. Don’t let your fear of being rejected stop you from putting your ideas out there. Even if some of them are disregarded, you never know when you might have a gem.

  • It is important to listen to feedback but that doesn’t mean you have to accept everything. When trying to be creative DO NOT let people tell you that you’re doing it wrong. There is no wrong or right way. Everybody thinks and works in a different way, so you aren’t doing it wrong, you might just be doing it a little differently.

  • Don’t be caught up in being perfect. Perfection does not matter when you are coming up with ideas. You can have a great innovative idea that may need to be tweaked. During the brainstorming phase that is okay!

  • Don’t follow the crowd. Just because someone else thinks it’s a good idea doesn’t mean you have to. Voice your opinion. Because sometimes it’s when you’re trying to work out the problems that something great comes from it.

  • Loosen up and play a game. It allows your mind to open up. Stop thinking of work and just let your mind wonder. Start drawing. Throw out those random thoughts… you never know what will come from them!

Remember there are a variety of outlets to be creative. There is no wrong or right. There is no specific way. Just be yourself and find out how you can let your ideas flow!