Apr 8, 2016

Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity


Is your company so rushed to get a product out that the quality declines and your employees turn into programmable robots?


If you’re unsure of what I mean by robots, I’ll clarify. Sometimes when companies become so concerned with whether they are efficient or not, they start creating processes that need little thought. So the employees start to do repetitive work over and over again until they are using no brain power to do their tasks. This kind of efficiency is an extreme, but seems to be the way many companies are heading in order to keep up with the fast-paced world. Consumers have been conditioned to instant gratification and now want everything right away. They have become impatient, so companies have had to turn to procedures that require more doing and less thinking.


In theory this could seem like a great solution, but what does it mean for the employees working in those rushed, monotonous conditions? It can be very degrading to be thought of as replaceable or a number, which is what happens when we create processes that require no creative thought or innovation. When upper management is so concerned with how much product is being produced, they stop seeing the human being they originally employed and start seeing them as cogs in a machine. And if one of those pieces stops working properly they go straight to replacing them, instead of taking the time to address the employee’s needs.


In the business world, constant growth is valued highly. We believe that if our company works efficiently and consistently brings in revenue, then it must be at its best. And to a certain degree, that is correct. Being able to carry out work processes in a timely matter does help your company. But if you try to hurry those processes too much, it can affect the relationships between your company and its employees. It’s easy to forget about the people, but it’s important as the manager you actively take measures to keep that from happening. With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, we are so concerned with the finished product that we lose sight of the people helping us get that achievement.


If your company is so determined in producing a product as quickly as possible it can be easy to overlook other important aspects of your company. Your employees help to make up the culture of your firm. And if you devalue their efforts and contributions, then your employee will start feeling dissonance toward your company. They will become unhappy and as a result their work might decline in quality.


How can you stop this from happening?


Using talent management software to help keep track of your employees work can benefit both your organization and your employees. Take a look:


If you notice that an employee is neglecting their duties, you might be inclined to terminate them and hire someone new. But retraining someone and showing them the ropes of the company takes more time and resources than simply sitting down with your troubled employee. This might seem daunting because knowing the right way to approach these kinds of situations can be difficult. But talent management software can help give you phrases to use when opening communication. It can give you the help needed to address sensitive situations such as personal and professional improvement. Don’t allow yourself to become stressed when faced with employee issues. Instead, get the help you need.


Utilizing talent management software will put you on the path to finding solutions to your employee problems. Allowing yourself to find common ground and create a discourse with an employee makes it easier to get to the heart of the problem. Many companies today are becoming reliant on their efficiency as a brand. But once that becomes your focus, you start to lose the creativity and innovation that springs from a free-thinking, invigorating work environment. Asking your employees about their ideas on how to become an efficient company without removing an employee’s individualism is a tool you don’t want to sacrifice in the name of a faster product. So, is your company’s need for growth and efficiency hurting employee relations and morale? Then perhaps it’s time to consider talent management software.

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