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Employee Performance Software Success

Dawson Public Power District

Industry: Utilities
Employee count: 90

Our Results: LightWork has provided Dawson with a simple appraisal process by removing unnecessary steps that they had previously used. This has helped to boost morale throughout the entire company

Dawson Public Power District

"I got feedback after our implementation such as, ‘this is great’ and ‘best thing we could have done.’ LightWork has made my job easier.”

-Jean Edeal, Dawson Public Power

Little known fact: Nebraska has made electricity a public commodity; it’s completely non-profit. And thanks to the Dawson Public Power District, 23,000 customers are receiving this public service without interruption. DPPD is responsible for over 5,000 miles of south-central Nebraska, ensuring their customers have access to the one utility we all need to make it in this day and age. With all this work on their shoulders, DPPD knew they needed something easy and flexible when it came to performance management software.


That’s where LightWork came in. LightWork Performance Management was exactly what they needed to get their internal projects completed and still be ready to go in the field. “When we were first implementing, most of our employees were reluctant to jump on board,” says Jean Edeal, Payroll Administrator of DPPD. “Our previous system was so cumbersome that the staff and employees were thinking this would be just as difficult. As soon as we demonstrated how to use it, they all said, ‘is this all I have to do? That’s easy!’ It made my job a lot easier.”


DPPD was looking for “easier” across the board. They came from an unwieldy Word document process where appraisals had to be continuously printed, scanned, saved, etc. They required something that was customizable, web-based, reduced paper handling, and maintained the same design and form of their original appraisals. LightWork Performance Management checked off every item on their list by being available via the web and being able to customize the appraisal forms to their company’s specific requirements.


“It’s boosted morale,” says Edeal. “I got feedback after our implementation such as, ‘this is great’ and ‘best thing we could have done.’” They were so pleased with LightWork that Edeal’s manager shared their LightWork experience with other power district managers across the state. Other districts within Nebraska may be jumping on board with LightWork in the years to come.


After an easy implementation, Jean’s had a few tickets to log with the LightWork support team. She was pleased with how quickly they acknowledged her needs. Implementation was also fast with a knowledgeable consulting team handling all of DPPD’s requests. Their future goal is to integrate with their HR system and increase the efficiency of the team in that regard as well. For performance management, LightWork is already ensuring Dawson Public Power District is as efficient as it can be. Download the PDF