LightWork Analytics is a business intelligence tool designed to let you ask questions about your data, and display those answers in formats that make sense, whether that is a bar graph or a detailed table.


Your questions can be saved for later, making it easy to revisit them, or you can group questions into great looking dashboards. Then easily share questions and dashboards with the rest of your team.

LightWork Analytics

LightWork Analytics


Your dashboard is a collection of saved questions that you want to refer back to and view regularly. You can do a lot with your dashboard:


  • Each user has the ability to customize the groups of questions and corresponding answers that are displayed.
  • Use the dashboard filters to create simple toggles to change a variable for all the cards on a dashboard.
  • Drill down using x-rays for a fast and easy way to get automatic insights and explorations of your data.
  • Connect other systems to gain a comprehensive analysis of all data sources.


There are three different kinds of alerts you can set up:

  • When a time series crosses a goal line.
  • When a progress bar reaches or goes below its goal.
  • When any other kind of question returns a result.

Valuable Insights and Connections

With just a few clicks of your mouse, LightWork Analytics allows you to do more with your data and identify connections effortlessly with its graphs, charts, and reporting capabilities.

LightWork Analytics

LightWork Analytics