Feb 27, 2020

Busting Through Writer’s Block: Giving Employee Feedback Without Losing Your Mind!

Employee performance appraisals are imperative for many businesses to function smoothly, as they ensure that everyone is communicating and doing their job at an optimal level of performance and efficiency. However, sometimes it is difficult to give employee feedback – wording something incorrectly can cause misunderstanding and may even come across as offensive, even if that was not the intention. If an employee is struggling with their performance, it is important to clearly phrase their need for improvement in a positive light to avoid any chances of miscommunication or offense.


Luckily, LightWork software can take the burden of lightly phrasing constructive feedback off your manager’s shoulders by offering a toolbox of writing resources. LightWork’s Performance Management software has an extensive library (over 1,400 phrases!) available for reviewers to use or modify as necessary to articulate helpful comments. This phrase selector can be filtered based on what is being appraised and the employee’s score, among other options. For example, if the reviewer wants the employee to work on their communication skills, they have an array of options depending on the employee’s competency (high, medium, low), and the exact issue they are having. For example, an employee who is working on an interdepartmental project may be having a hard time keeping everyone on the same page – a default phrase that could be selected by a manager is “Should communicate more effectively with other departments and divisions.” If an employee is doing an excellent job multi-tasking and accomplishing goals, the reviewer could use the default phrase, “Demonstrates the ability to determine the multiple tasks involved in a project and prioritize their completion.” While this may seem easy enough, sometimes managers just need a nudge in the right direction to word a review appropriately. Furthermore, the phrases can be modified if more details are needed to better fit the employee’s appraisal.


Additionally, other functions of LightWork’s Performance Management software can be implemented to ensure professionalism and sensitivity in your employees’ performance appraisals. Disallowed phrases can be created within the software to identify words or phrases that you generally would not want to be used in a performance review. These can range from harmful language to content that should be more tactfully phrased. The disallowed phrases are flagged, and the appraisal will not be saved until the reviewer makes the appropriate changes. Likewise, the word check employed by the software helps reduce errors in appraisals, such as incorrect grammar or misspellings, ensuring that more time is being spent on the content of the appraisal, rather than the mechanics of it.


LightWork Performance Management is designed purposefully to facilitate the most efficient appraisal process possible: with the ability to customize already created phrases based on what’s being reviewed, LightWork ensures that writer’s block is a non-issue for managers this appraisal season. Furthermore, professionalism and syntax are guaranteed with the screening capabilities put in place by the software.