Jan 7, 2020

LightWork Talent Management is Now LightWork Performance Management

As LightWork expands its human capital management (HCM) solution, LightWork’s employee performance management module, previously known as LightWork Talent Management, is now LightWork Performance Management. LightWork has grown its portfolio of employee talent management modules beyond the employee performance appraisal, 360 degree reviews, and employee goal setting capabilities that are the cornerstone of LightWork Performance Management, and this rebrand gives proper nomenclature to LightWork Performance Management as LightWork’s employee performance management focused solution. As LightWork builds out into a full HCM, employee talent management continues to be a main focus with its LightWork Recruit, LightWork Onboard, LightWork Learning Management, and LightWork Performance Management solutions.


“Our roots are in LightWork Performance Management. It is where LightWork was born. Our passion for helping companies grow their workforce with employee performance tracking and tools for improvement is what started us and will continue to be a driving force for us as LightWork grows,” said Pamela Perryman, CEO of LightWork Software.


LightWork Software, a DeLand, FL based company has been helping clients make their employees successful for over 25 years. The LightWork team is made up of a diverse group of individuals who are dedicated to providing an exceptional service experience to our clients. We believe if people are successful, companies will be successful too, so we place our focus on helping people grow and helping leadership nurture their employees. LightWork’s HCM includes human resources, performance management, time & attendance, compensation management, employee analytics, learning management, recruiting, and onboarding. To learn more about LightWork Software visit us at: http://www.lightworksoftware.com.

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