Feb 13, 2020

Employee Appraisal Types for Maximum Visibility

Choosing the right type of performance appraisal for your employees can be daunting. From manager only, employee and manager, or peer-review, to 360-degree feedback, 360-degree extended feedback, and even a custom review group. The variety of methods available allows managers to choose the type of appraisal that best identifies strengths and weaknesses of employee performance for the particular employee based on the type of role they have. For example, someone who works in the back office primarily by themselves might benefit most from an employee and manager review, while someone in sales may benefit from a 360 degree extended appraisal that includes key clients.


Smaller review groups such as the manager-only review group and the employee and manager review group to help foster a performance dialog between manager and employee. These review groups are uncomplicated and efficient, as there are only one or two levels of review. For more in-depth employee appraisals, the 360-degree feedback, 360-degree extended feedback, and peer-review methods are recommended -- but that doesn’t need to box you in! Custom review options are also an option, allowing companies to have unique review groups made up of any employees within or outside of the organization. Employee review groups can be as comprehensive as you want them to be.


Whether you’re looking for a more laid-back, conversational approach, or a multi-level, multi-employee review, LightWork Performance Management can make your next appraisal process simple, so all you have to focus on is helping encourage your workforce. 


Effective Performance Reviews Infographic