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Employee Time Collection Made Easy: Biometric Time Clocks

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The ability to accurately collect and track employee time and attendance is a necessity for any company. Timely data collection allows for proper payroll processing, and the enforcement and compliance of attendance and time-off policies. It also provides the documentation needed for labor regulation compliance. There are several methods to collect time, from the traditional paper timesheet or timecard, to wall-mounted card swipes, to employee digital data entry. Many of these methods invite human error. When the inevitable error happens, managers spend valuable time trying to rectify it.


Errors are unavoidable, right? Not necessarily. Consider implementing biometric time clocks. How is a biometric time clock different from other time clocks? Biometric time clocks use a unique identifier, such as a fingerprint, to collect an employee's clock in and out times. They can be placed at an employee entrance of a workplace, or a specific department entrance within your facility. This immediately reduces labor costs and payroll errors while improving security.  


Biometric time clocks do away with the employees who are unable to clock in due to forgotten or misplaced timecards or badges, or forgotten their password. The biometric clocks also require the person who is clocking in and out to physically be there, thus eliminating ‘buddy’ punching. Biometric systems require a biometric clock, software, and a database. The clock collects the identifier, the software converts the collected data into a digital format, and the database stores the information for documentation and further reporting and processing.


Is a biometric system right for your business? Here are some common questions.


Q. What does this type of system cost?

A. The costs depend on the type of biometric device. They sometimes can be more expensive than a traditional time clock, however, the savings will be significant in the long run.


Q. Will taking a fingerprint feel invasive?

A. In some organizations, there is a resistance to providing a handprint or a fingerprint, as some employees find this invasive and/or intruding on their rights. Time clocks that use fingerprints to identify employees map out specific, numbered key points on a finger, rather than storing images of the finger, as one might believe. These are called “minutiae,” and are encoded landmarks that can be used to verify whether a fingerprint is the same as the original user. One of the most important things to know about these landmarks is that it is impossible to recreate the original fingerprint from minutiae.


Q. Will our work environment meld well with a digital system?

A. In dustier environments, such as manufacturing plants, it can be difficult for the reader to get a proper image to authenticate the user. A plastic case for the time clock helps avoid this as a potential issue. LightWork Software’s biometric time systems have had significant success in use in manufacturing and machinery worksites. 


Q. What if my location has spotty Internet reception?

A. Sometimes the Internet goes down. That is why the biometric devices can store punches, and can have an additional battery pack added to allow employees to continue to make their punches, even when the power is out. The LightWork biometric time clocks install easily on your company’s network and support both hard-wired TCP/IP and optional wireless GPRS connections. Additionally, the standard RS-232, USB Host, and Client ports allow users to connect directly to PC and also to download data using a USB Flash Disk Drive.


LightWork's biometric devices improve both your user experience and internal processes, thus saving time and money.

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