Mar 13, 2017

Establish an Action Plan for Performance Results


Establish an Action Plan for Performance Results


Prior to the interview with the employee, the manager should prepare a loose “action plan” to address the weaknesses of the worker. Ideally, this plan should be unveiled at the end of the interview, and encompass a series of steps to help the worker improve performance. The action plan should consist of three distinct parts:

  • Areas to Improve
  • Resources Available
  • Measurable Results

Areas to Improve

In order for an employee’s performance to improve, he or she needs specific areas to focus on. Generally stating that employees simply need to “perform better” is not enough guid­ance, and can often lead to frustration on the part of the employee. Instead, a list of specific areas to improve should be agreed to by both parties. This will empower the employee to work toward improvement and boost morale.


Resources Available

Employees should be assured that they will receive the necessary tools to help them im­prove their performance. These resources might include education, software programs, or other work aides. Resources should also always include periodic feedback sessions with the manager, and manager-sponsored coaching or mentoring. Providing employees with the tools they need to succeed will help improve the performance of the entire organization.


Measurable Results

In order for performance improvements to be met, the manager should set a list of desired performance objectives. Employees will be evaluated on their ability to meet these objectives, given the tools and resources available to them. The manager should make it clear that employees will be reviewed on these objectives during the next review period, or some interim period, when appropriate. Performance appraisal software can make these checkpoints easy to remember and complete.