Nov 14, 2017

Use Performance Management to Position Your Company for Success

Position Your Company for Success


To enable continued business growth, keeping your employees motivated and productive is crucial. While daily interaction is important, regular reviews of your employees’ goals, performance, and development will yield tremendous benefits to your growing business. Here are just a few of the major rewards you will experience by managing employee performance.



The feedback that employees receive during the performance review can be invaluable to their development. Without aligning the employee’s achievements with their goals and making suggestions to help them improve, your employees will remain static, and there is a good chance your business will as well.



By setting objectives for each employee that reflect the objectives of the company, you not only keep employees focused, but you keep everyone working towards the goals that are important to the company.

By defining objectives together, your employee will understand where you set the bar, and you will understand how your employees see themselves advancing in the organization. Everyone knows what is expected.



With a performance appraisal, performance is quantified based on the employee’s job function and their specific goals and objectives. A good performance appraisal system allows employees with similar job functions to be measured with the same criteria. It should also be flexible enough to handle unique employee situations. This allows you to get the information about your workforce that you need to make informed business decisions.



For some businesses, training is required, for others, employee development is necessary to remain competitive. During the review process, your managers and employees define the training and skills development that will benefit the employees and the company.



By meeting with each of your employees and discussing their accomplishments and goals and by tracking their organizational performance, it becomes easy for you to identify the future leaders of the company. There are many metrics that can be used to capture employee performance. It is up to you to define what you value most in an employee, thus, what to measure in their work. There is an endless list of possibilities. The final selection of measurement criteria belongs to you and your business leaders.


The thought of designing a new performance management process or remaining faithful to one you already have may seem like a daunting task, especially for the busy professional. However, there are tools available designed to make this process simple.


The success of your employees equals the success of your business. You must retain your best talent and grow their skills to achieve and maintain your competitive edge in the rapidly changing marketplace. To ensure employee success, have a solid, trusted performance management process in place.