Feb 7, 2020

Top Time Collection Methods

There are many ways to track employee time worked. Hourly employees must “punch in” at the beginning of their work period, and “punch out” at the end. However, time tracking needs from hourly employees are not the same as those for employees on salary. Employees who are on salary will need to acknowledge their work period and indicate any time off but would not have need to punch in and out like their hourly coworkers. There are many methods in which an employee can record their time, and some methods work better than others depending on organizational and workforce needs.


No matter which methods are used, accuracy of time collection is critical to having an accurate and efficient payroll; this keeps employees happy, and therefore their employers will feel the same. In this infographic, we examine a few methods of time collection, all of which can be used in conjunction with LightWork Time. And because one size does not fit all, one or all methods can be used in order to create a system that is tailored to meet your company's exact needs. 


Time Punching Methods LightWork Time Blog Infographic