In any sized workplace, coaching and mentoring can be used as a cost-effective means of ensuring that employees, team members, emerging leaders, and even experienced managers, are equipped to achieve organizational goals. Coaching and mentoring are typically perceived as a benefit to the individual employee, but they also have significant value to the overall organization. At their core, coaching and mentoring is about awareness and responsibility. Managers and employees who accept awareness and responsibility are better able to focus and deliver on organizational objectives. Both coaching and mentoring are processes that enable individual employees and managers to achieve their full potential. Coaching and mentoring encourages employees and managers to continually improve competencies and to develop new skills where necessary to achieve their personal and organizational goals.


LightWork Talent Management provides managers and employees with a simple and automated way to communicate with each other with flexible transparency and journaling capabilities. Goals can be agreed upon and set. Message streams can be saved to evaluate progress to goals and identify areas for deeper discussion or additional guidance. Managers and employees can update and comment on goal progress anytime and can start new journal message streams related to that progress. Utilizing LightWork Alerts and Workflow, changes in goal status could initiate requests for phone discussions or requests for meetings. LightWork Talent Management is a great place where celebrations for completions can be documented or areas for improvement can be identified. If desired, performance towards a goal can be easily attached to employee reviews or assessments.