Customer Success Story

Furniture Retailer and
LightWork Time & Attendance

Home Furnishings Retail Company

Industry: Retail, Home Furnishings
Employee count: 100

Our Results: Employees and HR were freed up for more important work and prevented human error.


"We were drawn to LightWork Time for many reasons. A customizable, easy to use product, a cost benefit, the Sage integration: these were all reasons we went with LightWork Time.”

- Operations Manager

Seeking A Solution

A home furnishing retail company was looking for a more efficient way to maintain their time and attendance. They were quick to find everything they needed in LightWork Time. Previously, they had been using manual timekeeping processes, in particular, physical punch cards. “We had been doing it this way from the start of the business,” says their Operations Manager. “It was a time consuming, tedious process requiring many manual adjustments and keypunch data entering.”


Getting Peace of Mind

Since moving to the fully automated LightWork Time, their time and attendance process has become incredibly efficient. Every part of the process is now electronic and data-driven, providing them with correct calculations of time, which was a huge draw. “We were drawn to LightWork Time for many reasons,” adds their Operations Manager, “A customizable, easy to use the product, a cost-benefit, the Sage integration: these were all reasons we went with LightWork Time.” In addition, LightWork Time was able to free up their HR person from maintaining an arduous timekeeping system and devote more time to other HR matters.


And the HR person wasn’t the only employee to benefit: managers were given a quick 3-hour course and with a little internal policy training, the staff was trained and ready for their new product. The response was undeniably positive. The training was easy, and employees found LightWork Time effortless. The intuitive nature of LightWork Time makes it accessible for any staff member.


Software Support

This organization's management was very happy with post-implementation support as well. Our support desk is responsive and thoughtful, and there have been several enhancements discussed that she’s looking forward to: kiosk approval for submissions, managing time-off in the future in a dedicated time-off module, and more. This retailer was looking for a way to make their time and attendance process efficient and to avoid manual calculations and corrections. They wanted an accelerated timekeeping process that surpassed an old manual time-entry procedure in every way; they found it in LightWork Time.