LightWork Mobile allows your employees to punch, check their time, even approve their timesheets, all while on the go. Our mobile application is compatible with any iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows devices. Kiosks can be set up at specific locations or set up on your employee's devices.

Current Timesheet

The Current Timesheet option allows a kiosk user to view their current (active) timesheet. This makes the employees punch easy to view. The employee can also, approve their time leaving an electronic signature. This leaves a traceable log for HR to use.

Previous Timesheet

The Previous Timesheet option allows a kiosk user to view the timesheet from the previous pay period. Employees can use the previous timesheet to check their time from the week before in an easy to view layout. The employee can still approve their time from this pay period, leaving an electronic signature. The ability to approve time from a previous pay period can be useful if an employee was out or forgot to approve time the week before, allowing HR to have a traceable signature still.

Display Last Punch

When an employee clicks Display Last Punch, the kiosk will show a pop up with a time stamp of the last punch the employee made. 

Punch History

Punch History is a collection of all punches made by the employee. 

Timesheet Approval

Forget about having to print out every timesheet and getting them signed by each employee. With our timesheet approval process, your employees can approve their time quickly through the kiosk and LightWork will keep a log of each approval.

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