Customer Success Story

Roadtec and
LightWork Time & Attendance


Industry: Manufacturing
Employee count: 210

Our Results: LightWork has allowed Roadtec to go from four programs to just two! In turn, cutting down the time they had previously spent on the timekeeping process by two months.


“We’ve been able to cut down our procedure to two programs instead of four and we’ve shaved so much time off the process that we’re saving two months a year!”

-Mike Roloff, Roadtec

When it came to timekeeping, Roadtec, Inc. was stuck in an old outdated system that was running on its last leg. Roadtec (a subsidiary of Astec) started its business in the mid-1980s building heavy road construction equipment such as road pavers, shuttle buggies, and stabilizers to be used all over the country. Roadtec prides themselves on their American ties, using American vendors, but before long they expanded globally with their customer base and are now a 200M+ business. While they became a company that is internationally known for quality highway construction equipment, Roadtec’s timekeeping software was outdated and complicated. Thus began their search for a time & attendance software that could meet the high demand of a 600-employee strong company.


“We were using 4 programs to process our timekeeping,” says Mike Roloff, Controller, “An individual time clock program into a specific timekeeping software, manual changes in another software, back into our payroll: it was a mess.” On top of the technical issues, the Timekeeper position had become a revolving door of employees who had little knowledge of their intricate procedure. Often those employees would get frustrated and be unable to complete the time & attendance tasks. Roadtec needed something that was user-friendly, efficient, and easy to learn so their timekeeping team would feel secure in the process.


When they came across LightWork Time, they had just abandoned a long project of implementing one of the ERP software modules that weren’t going to meet the company’s compliance rules such as rounding, overtime rules, and shift differential calculations. Since Roadtec was six weeks from going live on a new ERP system they needed a time & attendance program fast that would meet their compliance requirements. They loved the straightforward, simple design of LightWork Time and its robust capabilities to handle their timekeeping in one easy method. “Implementation was quick to meet our abbreviated timeline,” says Alyssa Miller, Cost Accountant. “And the training was easy.”


“Most importantly,” Roloff adds, “We’ve been able to cut down our procedure to two programs instead of four and we’ve shaved so much time off the process that we’re saving two months a year!” That kind of efficiency and relief far exceeded Roadtec’s expectations. They were extremely pleased with their new timekeeping software’s effect and equally pleased by LightWork’s support team for any issues that popped up. “Everyone’s been competent and given us a sense of confidence,” says Roloff.


By helping to shorten a complex timekeeping process and providing excellent client support, LightWork Time has helped Roadtec increase their productivity. LightWork Time has also provided a confident assurance to Roadtec’s Payroll department that timekeeping can be easy, manageable, and trouble-free. Interested in the PDF?