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Streamlining Performance Management Using LightWork Alerts & Workflow

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LightWork® Software

Wouldn’t it be great to know about a potential problem before it even occurred? LightWork Alerts & Workflow keeps you in the loop, helping you prevent problems before they start. Automated alerts about critical events can be set up based on your specific needs, ensuring that your business continues running smoothly.


LightWork Performance Management works with Alerts & Workflow to further automate the employee appraisal process. While the employee appraisal process can be daunting, LightWork Alerts and Workflow gives you peace of mind by letting you know when it is time for the next step. LightWork Alerts and Workflow keeps track of every stage of the employee appraisal process so you don’t have to. The alerts are customizable, giving you the ability to automate as much of the process as you want. Here are some common appraisal alerts:

  • Appraisals due in X amount of days
  • Appraisal is due today
  • Appraisal has been finalized
  • Appraisals due from manager
  • New Appraisal has been created
  • Appraisal is overdue
  • Appraisal workflow step has been changed

Fortunately, the assistance that LightWork Alerts and Workflow gives doesn’t stop there. Once the employee appraisal process is completed and new employee goals have been established, LightWork Alerts and Workflow assists you to track the progress of employees. Once again, the alerts are customizable, which allows you to give your employees as much leniency as needed, depending on the goal. Below are some common goals-based alerts:

  • Goal completion percentage
  • Goal is overdue
  • New Goal has been created
  • Goal is due in X amount of days
  • Goal is to be started in amount of days
  • New performance review cycle is starting

Want to learn more about setting up LightWork Alerts & Workflow to automate your employee appraisal processes? Contact us today!



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