Establishing Performance Goals to Garner Success

    Establishing employee performance goals ensures that all employees are operating at an optimum level, both professionally and personally. Before setting individual performance goals, be sure employees are aware of the long-term ‘big picture’ organizational goals first. This way everyone starts on the same page. Make sure that each employee understands how their performance fits into the big picture and what is expected. When setting goals, be specific about what you want to accomplish. Devise a way to measure whether the goal was achieved, be...

    Set the Right Goals for 2020 Company Success

    Whether you are getting ready for your organization’s best fiscal year yet or trying to improve employee performance after appraisals, setting goals is incredibly helpful in communicating clear expectations to your employees. Setting goals increases positive outcomes with employees such as elevated commitment, motivation, job investment, and productivity. Within your business, some goals can even garner higher revenues for your organization. Help your employees support their long-term career plans by maximizing their accomplishments. Even...

    Creating SMART Goals

    It’s coming to the end of another year and the perfect time to set goals for what you want to accomplish in the next. Perhaps you’ve set goals in years past… maybe you’ve called them resolutions… and they somehow don’t seem to get accomplished. But there’s a secret to setting goals that happen. Making your goals SMART will give you a leg up on actually reaching your goals in 2012. Let’s find out how.