Are you an Approachable Boss?

    How approachable is your upper management? If there is a gap between employees and management that can mean a lack of communication; and communication is one of the most important things within an organization. As soon as communication ceases to exist between employees and management, the company will stop functioning properly. Allowing open communication and having management that is approachable can help the company prosper. When employees don’t feel heard they tend to feel

    Maximize Resources with Talent Management Software

    Resourcefulness is a skill that everyone can benefit from. It is obvious that resourcefulness is an important asset for a leader within an organization to have, but it’s also important for every employee as well. How do you help your employees, if you don’t understand how to be resourceful yourself? Do you take advantage of every resource available to you? If you said “no,” it’s not that you can’t, but probably

    Treat Your Team with Respect

    Does upper management treat employees with respect and dignity? Do co-workers do the same? And how about the employee-customer relationship? When setting up a company, you must also set up the culture. And a piece of that culture is how you treat one another. Being respectful of one another is something we have been taught to do since birth, but that doesn’t mean we always do it. When life gets overwhelming and work gets stressful, it can be hard to take into account other pe

    Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

    It is said often that the time spent with coworkers surpasses time spent with anyone else, including family. Typically we work 8-9 hours a day often in a location surrounded by virtual strangers who we grow to know through stressful occupational projects and social interaction. Taking in society’s increased connectivity, that work day tends to last late into the evening or early morning hours as well. Maintaining

    Quality Over Quantity

    Is your company so rushed to get a product out that the quality declines and your employees turn into programmable robots?

    Increasing Morale through Talent Management

    Most morale improvement articles focus on the pleasure of tangible benefits. Employee loyalty programs. Company discounts. Book clubs, coffee mugs, stress balls. While these all have their merits, morale goes beyond what your employees can accumulate based on a points system. The immediate gratification of a perk or discount is fantastic. It’s a terrific pick-me-up after doing a hard project, or a nice reminder that the company appreciates the long hours you’ve put in. But to achieve continuous high morale from your workforce, the...

    Don’t Make Feedback a One Way Street

    Being the boss means you have to make the tough decisions. You’re the one who has to fire and hire people, decide where money is spent, and decide whether or not your employees are helping to make your company succeed.
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