PeopleSense Achieves Business Partner Status with LightWork Software

    We are very happy to announce PeopleSense as the newest business partner to join our LightWork Business Partner ecosystem. LightWork Business Partners make performance commitments in a variety of areas impacting their LightWork business. Areas of commitment include sales, marketing, technical, and customer satisfaction initiatives designed to ensure the highest level of both partner and customer success. Those benchmarks of success are nothing new for PeopleSense, a leading HR technology consulting company who has been serving their clients...

    Introducing LightWork Analytics to Help SMBs Make Stronger Decisions

    LightWork Software, a leading provider of HR solutions, announced today the release of its new LightWork Analytics reporting and analysis tool for small and midsized businesses (SMBs).

    System Security After An Employee Termination

    Losing an employee is hard. Whether it's a voluntary or involuntary termination, there is a arduous process that is sparked for businesses when an employee leaves. Most managers don't associate terminated employees with security threats, but from an IT perspective, there is a need to control and secure terminated employee access to company data. A terminated employee could still have access to data and networks which in the wrong hands can result in a threat to the systems overall security.

    Out with “Old’ and in with the “New”

    Why making the switch to biometric is the right decision for your company. The ability to track employees is a necessity for any company, but how you do it makes a difference. The tough part is trying to decide on the best tracking process for your business, since a majority of them leave a lot of space for “human error”. When the inevitable “human error” does occur, your managers will spend valuable time trying to fix it. In the past, this was unavoidable.

    The 360 Degree Review

    Does your company include 360 degree reviews in their employee appraisal process? The popularity of this approach to employee evaluations continues to grow. There are clear benefits of this approach to the complete evaluation of employee performance. Oftentimes, the result is a more holistic view of the employee's work, as their peers may see strengths or areas for improvement that their manager may overlook.

    Tip #2: Use SMART Goals

    Clearly communicating employee expectations can mean the difference between a productive workforce and one without direction. You may already have a process for setting employee goals. But are the goals clear to your employees, and are your employees achieving them? The SMART goal concept tests a goal on five key factors that ensure that the goal is clear and appropriate for the employee. 1. Specific – The goal must answer the W questions like who, what, where, when, and why.

    Tip #1: Recognize Excellent Performance

    When you observe great performance by an employee, let them know! Recognize their success now and include it in a formal performance appraisal management process later. There are many creative ways to show appreciation to your employees that do not require a large budget. – Give monthly or yearly awards Give awards based on various qualities that you observe in your employees (Tea