The 360 Degree Review

    Does your company include 360 degree reviews in their employee appraisal process? The popularity of this approach to employee evaluations continues to grow. There are clear benefits of this approach to the complete evaluation of employee performance. Oftentimes, the result is a more holistic view of the employee's work, as their peers may see strengths or areas for improvement that their manager may overlook.

    Tip #2: Use SMART Goals

    Clearly communicating employee expectations can mean the difference between a productive workforce and one without direction. You may already have a process for setting employee goals. But are the goals clear to your employees, and are your employees achieving them? The SMART goal concept tests a goal on five key factors that ensure that the goal is clear and appropriate for the employee. 1. Specific – The goal must answer the W questions like who, what, where, when, and why.

    Tip #1: Recognize Excellent Performance

    When you observe great performance by an employee, let them know! Recognize their success now and include it in a formal performance appraisal management process later. There are many creative ways to show appreciation to your employees that do not require a large budget. – Give monthly or yearly awards Give awards based on various qualities that you observe in your employees (Tea

    Gender Stereotypes in Performance Management

    You have invested substantial time and analysis identifying leadership competencies that are important to your company. You rate your employees on these metrics in an effort to discover hidden leadership potential in your employee base. But could you be missing some of your best potential leaders in your organization by concentrating on competencies that are typically masculine characteristics? Are your company’s performance standards skewed to favor one gender over the other?

    Use Performance Management to Position Your Company for Success

    To enable continued business growth, keeping your employees motivated and productive is crucial. While daily interaction is important, regular reviews of your employees’ goals, performance, and development will yield tremendous benefits to your growing business. Here are just a few of the major rewards you will experience by managing employee performance.

    How to Know Where Your Employees Are Working - Software

    How to Know Where Your Employees Are Working - Software When you are still trying to use paper records and spreadsheets for HR management, you may not be aware of the many advantages of HR management software. This can improve your efficiency, reduce your costs and help maintain or improve your legal HR requirements. Increase Your Efficiency Increasing your efficiency with HR

    Why Employee Goals Are Important – And How to Track Them

    Successful business executives confirm that writing down goals and setting targets is essential for any company. They can compare where an employee was, where they are now, and where they are going. Our Employee management software provides a great boost for employers and employees, enabling real-time tracking of goals and targets for everyone’s benefit using sophisticated, user-friendly software.