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HR Recruitment Tips for Hiring Success

Recruiting and hiring the right candidates involves company branding, positioning, challenging work opportunities, and offering a competitive compensation package. It is not enough to attract candidates with the qualifications, skills, and experience that meet the position description; you must also be able to land them with your company. At many organizations, there are significant efforts and energy put into personality fits and company culture tests. Put those same efforts in the offer and acceptance process. Just because you believe you have found the ‘right’ candidate doesn’t mean the candidate believes they have found the ‘right’ organization.

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How Time Management Software Improves Your Bids and Billing

How much time do you put into your projects? When bidding and billing contracts, it is important to get man-hours estimated, prioritized, and allocated properly. What type of system are you using for bidding and billing? The system you use should streamline the process, not make it more cumbersome.

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Preventing Corporate Email Scams

 As long as there has been email there have been email scams. Bad actors trying to get something that doesn’t belong to them or that they have no right to. No one knows for sure how much is truly lost to this criminal element worldwide, but according to the United States government, reported business email compromise (BEC) scams accounted for losses of $1.7 billion in 2019. These losses were from the 23,775 cases that were reported and are one of the most financially damaging online crimes. Additionally, this figure represents only those cases reported at the federal level. 

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