Do Performance Reviews Boost Employee Morale?

    Over the years, I have worked for companies who promote performance appraisals and those who don’t. I have had to give performance appraisals and have been on the receiving end of them.

    Performance Appraisal Templates Are Made Easy with LightWork

    You can design performance appraisal templates that provide the best review for individuals and their job functions. LightWork allows you to design performance review forms that meet all the requirements for good evaluations. These are:

    Performance After the Appraisal

    There are several important things that must happen after the performance appraisal is giv­en. When done, these actions will simplify the next performance appraisal process.

    Managing Performance Appraisal Review Cycles

    There are two schools of thought on review dates. The first school believes that employees should be reviewed on a yearly basis, at the anniversary of their employment. This method staggers the reviews of employees over the course of any given year. The second school believes that employees should all be reviewed once per year, at the same time, regardless of when they joined the organization.

    Establish an Action Plan for Performance Results

    Prior to the interview with the employee, the manager should prepare a loose “action plan” to address the weaknesses of the worker. Ideally, this plan should be unveiled at the end of the interview, and encompass a series of steps to help the worker improve performance. The action plan should consist of three distinct parts:

    What NOT to Do When Managing Employee Performance

    Are all supervisors prepared to actually supervise, nurture, and guide their employees to become successful and productive? Not always! When I now think back to my first supervisor job many years ago, I now know how unprepared I was to do so.

    Why should I take the time to motivate my employees?

    Why should I take the time to motivate my employees? This is a question that can be easily answered because people who are motivated will work harder! Many employers aren’t aware of what a positive effect motivation can have on their business. People perform at their best when they feel motivated, which is why motivation is extremely important in running a successful company. By motivating your employees you are pushing them to put more effort into every task, making them more likely to succeed in any venture they take on. Motivated...