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How to Deal with Change within Your Company

People like routine. It is like a security blanket to hold tight to in times of change. Embracing change is a crucial step in growing an organization. Here are a few suggestions to soothe employees during times of change and growth.

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How to Manage Employee Time Entry and Compliance

The number of remote and hybrid work environments are growing due to COVID-19 and also in part to the digital transformation allowing flexibility. This has created a huge opportunity for business owners to hire talent from across the globe, defying the obstacles that occur with in-office positions, and redefining the workplace. With the expansion of locations for employees to conduct their work and ‘office’, there also comes new challenges regarding labor law compliance. Overtime, time off, meal breaks and rounding rules are just a few of the labor laws that businesses need to consider when hiring across state or even country borders. For example, Canada requires overtime to be paid at 1.5 times the standard pay, whereas, in Sweden, it is 1.5 to 2 times the standard pay. Leave policies have similar variations: Canada requires a minimum of 14 days leave entitlement for annually, but in the United Kingdom, the minimum leave requirement per year is 28 days. Staying on top of the issues presents challenges because they are fluid. 

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