Compensation Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent

    Salary can be a key factor for a candidate when conducting a job search and accepting an offer. With several different types of strategies to choose from when developing a compensation plan for your organization, you must first start by examining the organizational structure as a whole. Next, review and refine position descriptions. Well-defined position descriptions are one part of the equation in trying to determine the market value for a job. Once you have a clear understanding of the responsibilities, skills, and education requirements of...

    Why Upgrade Employee Time Collection with Biometric Time Clocks in 2021?

    The ability to track employees is a necessity for any company, but how you do it makes a difference. The tough part is trying to decide which solution may be the best for your organization. Human error is the single biggest factor in most time-keeping systems. When errors happen, managers and human resources spend valuable time making the corrections on tight deadlines. The solution? Biometric time clocks.

    2021 Digital Transformation: Is Your Organization Prepared?

    Transformation is an ominous word; it can be positive or negative. Depending on your experiences with change, the concept of digital transformation may spark all types of reactions. Innovation spurs transformation. Small changes often go unnoticed but can make all the difference in the world. Remember when ketchup was sold only in glass bottles rather than plastic squeeze bottles? Now, most condiments on the grocery shelves come in plastic bottles, which is a transformation through advancement in bottling technology. As another example,...

    Top Strategies for Employee Education Development in 2021

    Let’s face it, doing more with less has been an ongoing theme in business for longer than anyone cares to remember. Being resourceful is what Human Resources is all about through developing managers, staff, and teams to improve outcomes and reach organizational goals. Let’s take a look at how to do more with your organization’s human resources in 2021 through professional development and education. If your company has not yet embraced digital training, now is the time to start. New technology solutions open the door for innovative ways to...

    Objectives for Performance Management

    The third annual State of Performance Management Study, conducted by and sponsored by LightWork® Software, reports that the primary objectives of performance management are employee and organization growth, at 71 and 70 percent respectively. The more than 340 human resource professionals that took part in the study are from across the globe but are primarily in the U.S. They represent companies with as few as 50 employees up to 20,000+ employees.

    Top 2021 Employment Interview Questions

    While it takes time and energy to locate candidates who match your company’s job openings to apply for a position, it also takes asking the right questions to determine which candidate is the best match. After reviewing resumes for matching qualifications such as skills, education, and experience, asking the right questions and knowing what skills are needed to be successful are the next steps in the hiring process.

    Attendance Management: Documentation Matters

    Showing up is half the battle, and documenting is the other half. That isn’t exactly true, but sometimes it may feel that way as an HR professional. Having a system for tracking time means that you at least have a way to document employee attendance.
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