Objectives for Performance Management

    The third annual State of Performance Management Study, conducted by and sponsored by LightWork® Software, reports that the primary objectives of performance management are employee and organization growth, at 71 and 70 percent respectively. The more than 340 human resource professionals that took part in the study are from across the globe but are primarily in the U.S. They represent companies with as few as 50 employees up to 20,000+ employees.

    Top 2021 Employment Interview Questions

    While it takes time and energy to locate candidates who match your company’s job openings to apply for a position, it also takes asking the right questions to determine which candidate is the best match. After reviewing resumes for matching qualifications such as skills, education, and experience, asking the right questions and knowing what skills are needed to be successful are the next steps in the hiring process.

    Attendance Management: Documentation Matters

    Showing up is half the battle, and documenting is the other half. That isn’t exactly true, but sometimes it may feel that way as an HR professional. Having a system for tracking time means that you at least have a way to document employee attendance.

    Start 2021 Off Right – Best Practices for Passwords

    Remember when the only ‘secrets’ you were allowed to keep were the combination on your bike lock and your school locker? Simple three or four number combinations that kept our life's belongings secure. Now, the reality is that if you live and breathe on Earth you have not just one or two combinations to stay secure, but instead, you have dozens of digital codes and passwords that allow access to absolutely everything. A code to open the garage and front door, turn off an alarm, to access your phone, computer and tablet. Once you have accessed...

    The State of Performance Management

    Keys to Successful Learning Management Solutions

    Professional development, continued education, workplace training. Regardless of the term used to describe the process of improving employees’ skills, organizations should have a structured system in place to administer and track the program. There are a number of benefits that come from employing a learning management solution (LMS) to organize the effort. If your organization does not currently use a learning management solution, here are some questions to keep in mind:

    How to Bring Diversity to Your Organization

    Evaluating and improving your recruitment process can make a huge impact on the types of candidates you attract. There are several strategies to improving diversity within companies. Regardless of which path you choose, embedding inclusive best practices into each step of the recruitment process is key. From job descriptions and photos on the website to training hiring managers about bias awareness, be sure to address each layer of your recruitment activities with a mindset toward inclusiveness.
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