Give Your Company an Advantage with a Time Solution

    “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,” a well-known philosophy by Peter Drucker, 20th-century business management author and theorist. Whether you agree or disagree with the theory, this seemingly simple concept evoked entirely new business models and shaped corporate development. It is also the basis for nearly every HR and ERP software solution on the market today.

    Steps to Improve Employee Performance

    When it comes to improving employee performance evaluations, you must start at the very beginning of the appraisal process - Goal Setting.

    How Managed Services Keeps Your Tech Roadmap on Track

    Using technology roadmaps organizes corporate goals, resources, and efforts within the information technology department. The roadmap process outlines a project plan for technology initiates. Why is this important? Keeping pace with technology is a challenge regardless of the size of your organization, however, if your company is small to mid-sized, there is an entirely different set of challenges. Resources dedicated to IT projects, beyond keeping everyone functioning day-to-day, can be the biggest hurdle. Your organization may have a...

    HR Recruitment Tips for Hiring Success

    Recruiting and hiring the right candidates involves company branding, positioning, challenging work opportunities, and offering a competitive compensation package. It is not enough to attract candidates with the qualifications, skills, and experience that meet the position description; you must also be able to land them with your company. At many organizations, there are significant efforts and energy put into personality fits and company culture tests. Put those same efforts in the offer and acceptance process. Just because you believe you...

    LightWork® Software Offers New HCM Learning Management Solution

    LightWork Learning Management Module Works Seamlessly with Other Software Solutions

    Adapting in a Time of Change

    Human Resource Provides Leadership

    How Time Management Software Improves Your Bids and Billing

    How much time do you put into your projects? When bidding and billing contracts, it is important to get man-hours estimated, prioritized, and allocated properly. What type of system are you using for bidding and billing? The system you use should streamline the process, not make it more cumbersome.
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