Mar 25, 2016

Don’t Make Feedback a One Way Street


Don’t Make Feedback a One Way Street


Being the boss means you have to make the tough decisions. You’re the one who has to fire and hire people, decide where money is spent, and decide whether or not your employees are helping to make your company succeed.


But even though you’re the boss, it doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes. As the employer you have people looking at everything you do and judging every decision you make. That’s why it’s just as important for you to GET feedback as it is for you to GIVE feedback. Taking suggestions from your employees does not make you weak. It can actually make you stronger. Most of the time, employees see things that you can’t see yourself.


Start by making a suggestion box and leave it in a common area that everyone has access too. Then once a week check the box and see what changes have been suggested. Even if you don’t agree with them all, sometimes you will find that diamond in the rough.


Asking what employees think about their work environment and how they feel about the people they work with can help make you a better boss. Become a leader that is confident enough to ask for help because you cannot do everything even though sometimes you might wish you could!


Communication is a two way street and if you don’t ask for your employees to speak openly with you about problems in the office employee morale could suffer without you even being aware. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. A performance management system can help with starter phrases to help each of you get started in a constructive, tactful way. 

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