Establish an Action Plan for Performance Results

    Prior to the interview with the employee, the manager should prepare a loose “action plan” to address the weaknesses of the worker. Ideally, this plan should be unveiled at the end of the interview, and encompass a series of steps to help the worker improve performance. The action plan should consist of three distinct parts:

    What NOT to Do When Managing Employee Performance

    Are all supervisors prepared to actually supervise, nurture, and guide their employees to become successful and productive? Not always! When I now think back to my first supervisor job many years ago, I now know how unprepared I was to do so.

    Why should I take the time to motivate my employees?

    Why should I take the time to motivate my employees? This is a question that can be easily answered because people who are motivated will work harder! Many employers aren’t aware of what a positive effect motivation can have on their business. People perform at their best when they feel motivated, which is why motivation is extremely important in running a successful company. By motivating your employees you are pushing them to put more effort into every task, making them more likely to succeed in any venture they take on. Motivated...

    Turn Poor Employee Performance Around

    Learning how to increase your employee’s performance is a matter of two things: motivation and the employee’s aptitude. Let’s look at the latter.

    Tips for Work/Life Success

    Achieving balance between work and home is an ongoing process of juggling responsibilities between the two. Mastering this skill can reduce frustration and help you excel in both areas. The first step to accomplishing this is to periodically step back and analyze how everything in your life is going. Then you can assess what you need to change.

    How to Deal with Change within Your Company

    People like routine. It’s like a security blanket to most people and if that blanket is shaken a lot of people try to hold on tight and resist the change. This can be a problem when a company is trying to grow and its employees are reluctant for change to occur.

    Thinking Outside of the Box

    I cannot even count how many times I have heard people tell me to “think outside of the box.” It seems easy enough but when you actually have to think of something new you realize it’s not as simple as one, two, three. So how exactly do we “think outside of the box?” Here are six ways to help open your mind and spark that creativity you may not realize you have: