How to Deal with Change within Your Company

    People like routine. It’s like a security blanket to most people and if that blanket is shaken a lot of people try to hold on tight and resist the change. This can be a problem when a company is trying to grow and its employees are reluctant for change to occur.

    Thinking Outside of the Box

    I cannot even count how many times I have heard people tell me to “think outside of the box.” It seems easy enough but when you actually have to think of something new you realize it’s not as simple as one, two, three. So how exactly do we “think outside of the box?” Here are six ways to help open your mind and spark that creativity you may not realize you have:

    Reliability Equals Success

    As an employer you want to know that your employees are capable of success. Remember that life throws us curve balls and sometimes they can smack you right in the face. That’s why it’s important that you…

    Creating SMART Goals

    It’s coming to the end of another year and the perfect time to set goals for what you want to accomplish in the next. Perhaps you’ve set goals in years past… maybe you’ve called them resolutions… and they somehow don’t seem to get accomplished. But there’s a secret to setting goals that happen. Making your goals SMART will give you a leg up on actually reaching your goals in 2012. Let’s find out how.

    Creativity and Innovation Set Your Company Apart

    At work it’s important to be a hard worker, organized and productive. But what most people don’t think about is how important it is to be innovative. The new ideas that come from innovation are what can take a business from mere existence to great success.

    Build Up Your Employees’ Confidence

    Confidence does not always come easily but once your employees gain self-confidence it can assist them in every aspect of their life. Confidence is both internal and external. This means people see your employees as your employees see themselves. If they don’t believe in themselves first, no one will believe that they have the confidence to succeed.

    Producing Quality Work

    No matter what you do the quality of work you produce matters. But how do you work at your best all the time?