Aug 14, 2017

5 Ways Performance Appraisal Software Will Make Your Life Easier


Appraisal Software Will Make Your Life Easier


The performance appraisal process can be taxing to implement in any organization. Maybe you’re still passing paper appraisals around the office or maybe you’ve taken it up a step and are using Excel spreadsheets. Either way, seeing the process through from beginning to end can be quite a consuming job for managers and HR professionals. The right type of performance appraisal software can make this activity much easier. So how can employee appraisal softwaremake your life easier? We’ll look at five ways.


1. Automation – How much time do you spend chasing after performance appraisals that are past due? With performance appraisal software, the “chasing” will be done for you. Many programs will remind reviewers that an appraisal is ready to be scored and will also remind them when appraisals are due.


2. Phrase selection – Do you or your managers struggle for the right words to use to illustrate an employee’s performance? Phrase selectors can be found in a performance appraisal software. They are often arranged by competency and sometimes by role. The phrases range from reflecting excellent performance to performance in need of much improvement. This assistance can speed up the appraisal process and help prevent inappropriate wording of an employee’s performance.


3. 360 degree review – If your organization is interested in administering 360 degree reviews, performance appraisal software is indispensable. Deploying 360 degree reviews this way allows for anonymity that is critical to honest feedback when one is reviewing his peers and especially his supervisor.


4. HRMS integration – If your performance appraisal system can integrate with your HRMS software (PAM integrates with Sage Abra and other HRMS solutions), this can aid and enhance the review process exponentially. With PAM, managers have access to job history, salary information, attendance records, and more. Having this information at your fingertips when completing an appraisal can not only speed along the process but also provide a clearer picture of the employee.


5. Web-based – Web-based performance management systems allow for collaboration among employees that are not located in the main office. They also allow for non-employees to contribute to the process. For example, you might wish to include customers or consultants in the performance review process, as they might have different insights into an employee’s work than a manager would.


Performance appraisals can seem like a daunting task, but there are tools that make it simple!


What else do you wish was made easier for you with performance management?