Increasing Morale through Talent Management

    Most morale improvement articles focus on the pleasure of tangible benefits. Employee loyalty programs. Company discounts. Book clubs, coffee mugs, stress balls. While these all have their merits, morale goes beyond what your employees can accumulate based on a points system. The immediate gratification of a perk or discount is fantastic. It’s a terrific pick-me-up after doing a hard project, or a nice reminder that the company appreciates the long hours you’ve put in. But to achieve continuous high morale from your workforce, the...

    Don’t Make Feedback a One Way Street

    Being the boss means you have to make the tough decisions. You’re the one who has to fire and hire people, decide where money is spent, and decide whether or not your employees are helping to make your company succeed.

    Laying the Groundwork with LightWork Pays Off for Parman Energy

    If you want a strong building, you start with a solid foundation. The same holds true for human resource processes. Managers at Parman Energy Corporation recognize the value in taking time to establish proper operational methods. Established in the 1930s, the company has served business owners in the Eastern United States for several generations. When it was time to replace Parman’s outdated performance appraisal software with something better, Human Resource Manager Julie Pomeroy, PHR, sought a customizable system that would meet the...

    LightWork Talent Management Enhances Organizational Efficiency at UCAN

    When your organization serves more than 13,000 children, youth and families across nine locations, you must work efficiently. At UCAN, employees prefer to focus on helping clients—most of whom are abused or neglected children—rather than spending time searching for employee performance appraisals.